Why Choose Professional Cadetships?

For Year 12 Students

Open to current Year 12 students, Professional Cadetships provide unparalleled opportunities. As a Cadet, you combine study at the university of your choice with paid work at a leading company.

"During my cadetship I was exposed to a diverse range of opportunities, challenges and experiences in various positions across the Corporate Centre and Investment Bank.

I had always been attracted to the dynamic and competitive nature of the financial services industry and I believe the cadetship program provides Cadets a unique opportunity to significantly accelerate their ability to learn about the industry and what a future career in banking and finance may look like.

There is no doubt that the cadetship program requires hard work, dedication and commitment, but the skills, relationships and experiences you gain from the cadetship program make it a trade that I would make any day of the week.

Following the cadetship I was able to start a full time role on the FX desk focussed on providing tailored FX hedging solutions to corporate clients in Australia and New Zealand."

Tom English
FX Rates & Credit Distribution
UBS Australia


For Participating Companies

Our programs allow you to secure young people who have the right fit for your organisation, providing a talent pipeline for your graduate and professional hiring.

"UBS is committed to nurturing future talent in Australia by providing opportunities for young people to develop their knowledge and skills.

For the past fifteen years, UBS has partnered with Professional Cadetships Australia (PCA) to identify and select highly-motivated school leavers who have an aptitude for financial services. UBS employs Cadets across the business, including front office Cadet placement in Research, Equities, and Asset Management.

PCA’s reach within schools, combined with their knowledge of UBS’ business and corporate culture, has enabled us to develop a strong cadet program within the business.

The cadetship program provides a one of a kind experience for students wanting a career in finance, while also providing exceptional resources for UBS during the cadetship and a pipeline of potential talent for the future."

Scott Hanlon
Executive Director
Head of Australia IB Operations, UBS